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Samantha Buckley, AIA

Samantha is a seasoned, highly-creative, California licensed architect interested in the multidisciplinary practice architecture is and finding new ways to apply both her technical and design skills in her work. Her work is characterized by her ability to create meaningful customization for the end user—a reflection of her collaborative process with clients and members of her team. Samantha's focus is in single family homes and renovations, food and beverage spaces, and retail experiences. She is passionate about creating beautiful drawings that lay the foundation for high-quality, distinctive spaces. including single family homes and renovations, food and beverage, and retail spaces. She is passionate about creating beautiful drawings as a means to crafting high quality spaces. 

Sam currently serves as the Creative Strategist at IDCO Studio, a rapidly growing web design firm serving the interior design industry and facing the challenges common among start-ups. In her role, she has had the opportunity to establish and refine both internal and external processes, create employee benefits, redefine the studio’s onboarding experience, and develop niche marketing strategies. Samantha has channeled her corporate experience from her time at Gensler and applied it on a micro scale, which has resulted in a substantial impact on IDCO’s company culture and overall profitability.

Previously an Associate at Gensler in San Francisco, Sam has ample experience working on commercial office buildings and headquarters projects. She received her Bachelor’s of Architecture from the Academy of Art University in 2015. ​Most recently, she finished the Burlingame Point Project, after having started during pre-design and taking it through construction to completion. During that experience, Sam became particularly interested in bringing a project to life from start to finish, watching thoughtful concepts become tangible, livable realities.

Sam is highly motivated by a workplace that cultivates creative thinking, innovation, and mentorship. ​As a passion project, Samantha co-founded Successful Womxn at Gensler, a regional mentorship program with the purpose of diving into hard conversations and building community through dynamic events ranging from round-table discussions to organized outings. Together, the group works toward being progressive, inclusive, and community-minded advocates who make an impact for each other, our workplaces, and our neighbors.

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